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In the high standards and strict requirements on their own at the same time

Confident and decisive, able to meet any challenges in the work. Passion for work, have a good deal with the problem and the ability to analyze problems. There are a wealth of experience in technical architecture design, departmental management experience, project management experience, product design andoperational experience. In the high standards and strict requirements on their own at the same time, the same staff and project delivery of high quality requirements, the pursuit of perfection.Legal knowledge, skilled trade work, familiar with high-tech purchases - sales - service process, practice management. Years of business experience, practical work, rigorous, serious, organized, planned and strong, has a strong sense of responsibility, a strong operational capacity and ability to adapt to fast on the role of new work; character stable, sincere, easy to communicate; ingenuity, innovation and learning ability; has a strong team spirit and collective ideas.Solid theoretical basis and 9 years of experience in the actual design and development experience, 6 years of organizational leadership and technical management experience. Unique And Stylish Wedding Favors Especially in automation technology are unique, creative thinking, and implementation of organization and leadership ability . Project development and has presided over the scene the ability to solve technical problems.
.... After years of work, the experienced staff from a technical design to technology-based management personnel changes. Profound experience, good management can drive highly efficient team, team members good at digging the potential profits for enterprises to create tangible and intangible assets. After years of management experience, good communication and learning, multi-listen, collect their information, in order to bring about decisive and correct decisions at the crucial moment to play a central leadership role. Romantic Wedding Chocolates .... Emphasis on team spirit, maintain and develop the company's long-term planning in unison, led the team progress at the same time, their skills and training are also improving, learning management experience, learning a variety of technical skills, focus on strengthening its own engineers continuing education, keep abreast of new technology and advanced management Wedding Wear for Kids . Proficient in English to collect information on foreign advanced technology, to grasp the latest technology developments. Always maintain a positive passion for learning, breaking through their own professional limitations, in many industries and areas have forward.
.... And a pioneering spirit, honesty, dedication, focus on professional ethics, willing to challenge. Wedding Favor Ideas Self-confidence, self-discipline, open-minded, studious, ambitious, responsible, hard-working, pay attention to efficiency and practical work.

wide variety of basic knowledge

I am cheerful, confident, optimistic, practical and stable, others in good faith; serious and responsible, proactive, hard working, adaptable, the courage to meet the challenge. Good thinking and the summary, full of team spirit and interpersonal coordination and communication capabilities.Positive attitude to life, good social skills and interpersonal relationships; to work with enthusiasm and sense of responsibility; diligent in thinking, proactive, innovative spirit and sense, and always concerned about the technological forefront of new technologies such as html5, nosql, cloud computing has a strong interest.English to communicate well with others; the team with the ability to cooperate;
Approachable easy to get along; wide variety of basic knowledge; have their own ways to solve the problem.
For SAP R / 3 system is more familiar with the software development engineer, developed over most of the commonly used SAP technology, each module has a corresponding contact, familiar with SD mode fast process.Professional skills and expertise
1, fluent in English, with four, six certificates. A French Modern Wedding
2, familiar with SAP each module, the module has been selling a lot of project experience, and materials management and financial modules of some project experience, skilled ABAP language development.Romantic Wedding Chocolates
3, familiar with database systems, master SQL.4, the skilled use of the C language, C + +, Matlab, Mathematica, Photoshop, VC + + and use Windows program which worked on applications, design applications VC platform, familiar MFC database. Used windows9X/2000/XP system.
5, familiar with digital image processing, image compression, storage, segmentation algorithm. Used Flash, Dreameaver, Photoshop design graphic animation.
4, the Mandarin two B.5, with accounting qualification certificates, there have been accounting related work experience6, has a master's degree in physics and optics BS
7, too disabled to participate in activities of daily sign language will be essentialOracle Database Team Manager, Technical manager, Service delivery managerSenior DBA,, Database architectSkills and Strengths13 years of experience in IT industry, more than 10 years of experience in Oracle database, 3 years of IT project, team,Best Wedding Flowers service and system architecture management. Served in service delivery management, pre-sales consultant, technical support,Glogous Wedding Wears for Children project management, progress control, and ERP / MES / E-business engineer.Strong ability of Oracle database administrator, in system architecture design, operation system and database management, troubleshooting, technical support and performance tuning.Smart, amiable, good at learning and accepting newborn things, can well-serve the job, have the ability to communicate with people and a strong honor of collectivity.

management experience

Outgoing, cheerful, positive enthusiasm, full of vitality, with an excellent team spirit, good listening and communication, strong organizational and planning ability.
Quick-witted, broad interests, a sense of innovation, passion for the work undertaken, dedication, a sense of responsibility. Have excellent writing skills.Cheerful personality. A positive attitude in the foreign market development and maintenance work in the 6 years of marketing, channel development, the dealer has a wealth of management experience.
Professional skills and expertise
6 years of work experience, including 2 years of management experience; for six consecutive years of market development, maintenance, management experience, familiar with the dealer channel development and management; Wedding Cakes Galore able to work independently, mature, strong adaptability; to well with others work.1 double diploma, majoring in mechanical engineering (specialist) and Economic Management (undergraduate).
2.8 years of work experience in U.S. and European companies, auto parts industry for nearly four years of production management experience. Top Style Details From Real Wedding
3 familiar with the filter assembly of products and assembly, electronics assembly, testing integrated circuits and discrete devices, understand the mechanical processing.
4 proficient in mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance.5 Lean and Six Sigma experience.6 familiar with ERP operation, design theory can be applied ERP MRPII and Microsoft Excel-based production scheduling.
7 familiar with ISO9001, TS16949 and ISO14001 quality and environmental management system.8 proficient in Excel, Word and PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office software, to read and write English fluently.Years of English background, work experience, with a strong ability to communicate in English translation, interpretation and translation strong. Assistant the past 8 years working experience with report writing, communication and coordination, communication and response, information and intelligence support, the ability to work. Nearly 8 years of education industry background, and accumulated some of the education industry knowledge and resources. Amazing Wedding Color Details Through several different projects in the field, exercise an independent project management capabilities.Professional skills and expertise
Seven years of education, industry background, and accumulated some of the education industry knowledge and resources.
Seven years of administrative experience, to grow into leadership succeeded assistant, there is a strong document, report writing capabilities; involved in the negotiations, there are negotiations, meetings and other translation experience; have strong oral and written English;
With education enrollment, study abroad programs, projects and decoration project management experience; Takes on Wedding Cakes

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2 years intensive on-job training by 4 different assignments within GE diversify business, up to 5 years working experience in the area of supply chain and 2 years in commercial function, I have built up solid knowhow and workjerseys monster skills at first tier international company. • Proactive, passionate and self-motivated, inspire team members achieve the set goals through skills with persuasiveness, tact, logic and personal traits.
• Strong negotiation, conflict resolution, consensus building, and interpersonal skills, good team player.
• Outstanding communication skills, able to communicate effectively with different level of functional teams both internally and externally.
• Result-oriented, accountable and committed to quality.creativity, flexibility, initiative, consultingcheap authentic nfl jerseys, teamwork, leadership, cheap nfl jerseysability to work autonomously, decision making/ problem solving, interpersonal, nike trainerorganizational skills. Good communication in English, Good communication skill and highly adaptable to fast paced business environment, Good personality,nike shox proactive and willing to take responsibilities.

where am i?
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Good project management skill and communication skill

15 years in engineering design for steel mills, have a deep knowledge in mechanical, hydraulic, electrical control and automation; a lot of experience in project management;
12 years of sales in multinational companies for metallurgical equipment in steel industry and non ferrous industry;nike tn
know a lot of people in steel and non ferrous industries
Career Objective:ed hardy clothes
sales for metallurgical quipment for steel and non ferrous industries in a foreign owned companies7 years purchasing experiences in multinational company;
Rich experience at material sourcing, driving and inventory management;
Familiar with nfl football jerseysBOM cost analysis, price negotiation;
Stronged hardy shirts knowledge of MRP (SAP R/3);ed hardy
Good project management skill and communication skillpoem
fly bird.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Iceland volcano ash cloud: airline passengers face further misery

Delays were still expected at airports throughout the country despite a last minute block being placed on industrial action planned by BA cabin crew strike and an overhaul of aviation “no fly” rules to reduce future airspace closures caused by Iceland's Eyjafjoell volcano.
Airlines were struggling to return schedules to normal after plumes of thick ash drifted over the continent, closing major airports and leaving more than 1,000 flights cancelled.
Airlines, which have lost millions of pounds due to the ash alerts, condemned Monday's closure of airports and criticised the model used to predict the spread of the volcanic ash as "outdated and inappropriate".
Executives reacted with fury to what they argued were unnecessary restrictions introduced by overcautious safety watchdogs.
British Airways chief executive Willie Walsh led the criticism, labelling restrictions as "a gross overreaction to a very minor risk”.
Experts said the volcano, which last month caused much of Europe's airspace to be shut down for a week, has emitted massive amounts of ash, which can clog jet engines, since it began erupting a month ago and warned there was no end in sight.
Last month’s volcano eruption forced most countries in northern Europe to shut their airspace, grounding more than 100,000 flights and an estimated 10 million travellers worldwide.
The Air Transport Association (IATA), the international airline industry body, estimated that last month's shutdown – Europe's biggest since World War II – cost carriers more than £1.1 billion.
The latest eruption forced London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports to shut for six hours on Monday, leading to hundreds of delays and scores of aircraft in the wrong place.
Nearly 200 flights were cancelled at Heathrow, 88 at Gatwick and 40 at Liverpool airport. Up to 50,000 passengers were affected.
Airport officials warned travellers it would take time for airlines to clear the backlog of delayed flights and advised them to contact their airlines before going to the airport.
After the day of chaos, passengers later received a double dose of good news after the High Court outlawed the back-to-back strikes by BA cabin crew while the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) altered its criteria for permitting aircraft to fly.
The court ruling came too late for BA to reinstate its full flying schedule at Heathrow, which had been disrupted earlier in the day by the ash cloud.
Despite the High Court injunction, British Airways admitted that flights will still be affected for the rest of the week
The airline has been frantically trying to reinstate the 80 short haul and 30 long haul flights from Heathrow which faced cancellation had the strike gone ahead.
A spokesman for the airline said half of short-haul and 40 per cent of long-haul services from London’s would be affected because it is too late to reinstate a full service.
He added that its operation, however, was expected to return to normal by the weekend.
The ruling was a huge relief for the airline which told the court that the planned four five-day strikes would have cost the airline £138 million.
Unite, the union representing BA cabin crew, is preparing to appeal against an injunction which halted strike action planned by thousands of its members in the bitter row over jobs, pay and staffing levels.
The judgment came as the CAA announced that it had created a new “time limited zone” (TMZ) to allow certain aircraft to fly through a greater density of ash than previously permitted.
The change, which came into affect at midday on Tuesday, will only affect Flybe at first, but other airlines are expected to follow.
Once manufacturers and airlines have presented a joint “safety case” which proves they can fly through the ash without damage, they will be allowed to fly.
"As a result of this change, there are no predicted restrictions on UK airspace in the immediate future,” said Richard Deakin, the chief executive of Nats, the Air traffic control company.
The CAA appeared to blame the Met Office for the latest shutdown.
“The Met Office model was predicting ash which was not there when the test flights were done,” a CAA spokesman said.
“We have asked the Met Office why their forecast model showed something which was not subsequently backed up.”The Met Office defended its computer model, insisting it was supported by satellite imagery, observation, laser checks of the dust in the atmosphere and other evidence from test flights.
It said the ash was present over the South East but not in the levels that ground aircraft
“The amount of ash is fluctuating on an hourly basis. The situation is very fluid,” a spokesman told the Daily Mail.
In Iceland meanwhile, there is no sign of the volcano stopping.
Experts said the Eyjafjoell eruptions, which began on April 14, have peaked three times, with the latest surge of activity coming Friday.
“Since the beginning of the eruption, we estimate that 250 million cubic metres (8.8 billion cubic feet) of tephra (ash and other fragmental material) has been produced," said Icelandic geophysicist Magnus Tumi Gudmundsson.
The Icelandic civil protection agency said the ash cloud was drifting to the north and was not expected to travel to Europe in the next two days. renaissance2010
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Senate primaries today may give hint of voters’ mood

Three Senate primaries will offer some signs today of the voters’ mood as the midterm elections near.
In Pennsylvania, Senator Arlen Specter, a Republican turned Democrat, is trying to hold off US Representative Joe Sestak for the party’s nomination. Sestak has spent much of the campaign painting Specter as a political opportunist for switching parties last year.
In Kentucky, Rand Paul, who has strong backing from Tea Party activists, is seeking the Republican nomination in a race against Trey Grayson, the secretary of state. Grayson is backed by Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader and Kentucky’s senior senator.
In Arkansas, Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter will try to oust the incumbent Democrat, Senator Blanche Lincoln, who has been criticized by her opponent for filing to support the health care overhaul legislation.
A poll released yesterday shows the Pennsylvania race is too close to call, the latest of many tough election challenges for Specter, 80.
Sestak told voters at a Pittsburgh coffee shop yesterday that Specter’s “time has come and gone.’’
In a stop at a suburban Harrisburg airport, Specter cast himself as the best advocate for Pennsylvania because of his long experience in Washington.
Grayson, campaigning in Louisville on Monday, characterized Paul as “clearly overconfident.’’ Grayson said large numbers of undecided Republican voters were moving toward him as he predicted an election night surprise.
Paul, an eye doctor making his first run for office, campaigned in Paducah in western Kentucky and in his hometown of Bowling Green. Paul, the son of Texas congressman and former GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul, has said the mood of the country and of the Republican Party is in his favor.
In the Arkansas race, Lincoln’s decision not to back the health care overhaul has lost her some support to Halter, who is backed by labor groups. Lincoln is leading in the polls, but the presence of businessman D.C. Morrison in the Democratic primary may force a June 8 runoff if no candidate wins at least 50 percent.
A House election in southwestern Pennsylvania has also become a battleground for the two major parties as they try out themes for the fall. The parties are investing about $1 million each in the race between Republican Tim Burns and Democrat Mark Critz to fill out the final months in the term of Representative John Murtha.
Kagan providing insight into her judicial approach
Reaching out to potential converts, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is dropping carefully calculated hints about her judicial approach on issues ranging from political speech to national security.
Kagan isn’t revealing much as she plods through a painstaking series of Capitol Hill meetings with the senators whose backing she needs for confirmation. But the 50-year-old solicitor general — who has never been a judge — has weighed in cautiously on several issues as she strives to paint a fuller picture of what kind of a justice she might be.
Take, for example, her closed-door exchange last week with Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, who voted against Kagan’s nomination to her current job last year on the grounds she wouldn’t talk about her legal views.
Kagan divulged that she disagreed with a recent Supreme Court ruling that has provoked intense partisan debate, according to Specter. She criticized the court’s January ruling upholding the First Amendment rights of corporations and labor unions to spend money on campaign ads, thus enhancing their ability to influence federal elections.
In commenting on a case, Kagan was breaking with tradition. Judicial nominees, particularly for the high court rarely if ever weigh in on a ruling on the grounds that it could come before them in the future.cherish